We are the exclusive North Pole Partners of Santa Claus

About Us

We are the exclusive Northpole partners of Santa Claus for the ordering, packaging and delivery of all reply letters sent from Santa’s workshop in the North Pole to millions of children all around the world – we even were named North Pole Express by Mr Claus himself.  

We love Christmas, and love that we can help Santa Claus bring the magic, excitement and wonder to your home this Christmas. We help Santa deliver a bit bit of his magic early, though the simplicity and credibility of a personalised letter, written and delivered from the North Pole Express mail delivery system.  

This year, Santa Claus has given us a selection of Christmas-themed extras to send with your child’s letter, that were designed by his head elf Bernard in his North Pole workshop. 


Louise, Head Elf Bernad and the rest of the Northpole Express Team

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